DigiFlow Ultra Low, Low and high Volume digitally controlled liquid applicators. 3 models with ranges of 50 - 500ml/min, 100ml - 1l/min and 500ml - 5l/min. Manufactured to dispense and monitor additives at very accurate rates
S.D.P. range of liquid additive applicator for grass and maize silage round and big bales.
PowderMaster granular applicator is purpose built for applying powder additives to a range of crops
FlowMaster and CrimpMaster range of liquid applicators purpose built for applying preservatives to various crops
Miniflow liquid additive applicator for grass and maize silage
Accessories, Spare parts and Flowmeters to suit various applicators. Graduated with a scale from 1-10

Welcome To Selmech Supplies

Selmech have been manufacturing and supplying liquid and powder additive applicators for grass and maize silage, crimping or propcorn moist grain treatments world wide for many years.

We supply applicators to many of the largest manufacturers of additives in the UK and Europe. These being used on trailed and self propelled forage harvester, round or square balers, mini balers and forage wagons. We also have applicators for crimping and moist grain application.

Recently launched, a new range of digital additive applicators that precisely measure additive flow rates and adjust the pump drive to maintain application rates to ensure precise dosing of the silage additive.

All Selmech's applicators are manufactured in house. We run our own well equipped machine shop and are proud to provide a high quality product. We always have products in stock to ensure a quick dispatch to our customers, usually for next day delivery in the UK.

Please feel free to contact us by phone or email us for any further details on our wide range of products and accessories including spare parts for the Ecosyler ULV applicator.

Selmech Supplies are now selling the Rooster Booster 12-volt poultry lighting system for free range hens.

montage of photos showing applicators in useFlowMaster stem pumps for 200 litre barrels or IBCsDigiglow ULV applicatorltra ultra low volume applications of 50 - 500 mil/minCrimpmaster applicators for crimp and moist grain treatmentsPowderMaster for granular preservatives
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