Silage Additive Applicators

Selmech additive kit accessories

Accessories, spare parts, service and repair

Once you have your kit you want to be able to maintain it so we always keep a full range accessories and spare parts available so you can replace a worn out part or upgrade your kit.

We can offer to service and repair most of our products where financially viable to the customer. Things like control boxes, even the older types can possibly be repaired. Stem pump motors and pump heads can be replaced to revive their performance and replacement flowmeter glasses are available.

Ecosyl spare parts

Selmech manufacture some of the Eco product for Ecosyl, the Ecosyler, Ecoflow, Ecodry/Ecopowder and Miniflow applicators aand are able to offer spare parts for these product as well.


Thru beam crop detectors

Crop detector

The Thru-beam crop detection system can be added to any Selmech applicator kit. to turn the pump on and off.



Flowmeters help calibrating and indicate blockages or drops in pressure. We have a range of options.

Anti siphoning solenoid assembly

Anti siphoning

If the additive tank is higher than the out-put, siphoning may occur. To stop this a solenoid assembly can be fitted.

jet pack with jet bodies and a selection of jet nozzles

Jet packs

Most kits are supplied with jet packs. These come with jet bodies and a selection of jets and a calibration chart.

Selmechs own in cab speed controller

Control Box

We make our own in cab control boxes. Digital servoing and non servoing manual control types.

Servicing a selmech ulv applicator

Spares & Repairs

We can offer to service in house and keep a full range of  spare parts to replace  worn out part or upgrade your kit.