Silage Additive Applicators

Applicators for self propelled forage harvesters

High Volume Liquid applicators

With the increasing power and pick-up rates of self propelled forage harvesters means that applying additive at higher rates (1 to 2 litres per tonne) requires a kit that can deliver high volumes of liquid.

For this we have: -

The high volume Dflow module can accurately deliver up to 10 litres per minute. With our servoing digital in cab control box the Dflow module can be used with auxiliary tanks or utilizing an on board tank.

Our Extra High Volume SDP kit comes with a non servoing in cab speed controller and can deliver up to 15 litres per minute.

The high volume Flowmaster stem pump has long been established as a favorite with operators of self propelled forage harvesters. It is robustly made easy to set up and use. Supplied with a non servoing in cab speed controller delivering up to 10 litres per minute.

Ultra Low Volume Liquid applicators

Ultra Low application rates from 20ml per tonne can be applied with our ULV applicator. It has open flow pipe work with NO in line flow sensor or filters. The 55 litre translucent tank will treat over 1000 tonnes of forage before refill with an application rate of 50 ml per tonne.

Powder/granular applicator

With our new Dflow Powder Master powder/granular additive can be dispensed more precisely than ever before. supplied with our servoing digital control box that can be easily  set up to use with all brands of silage or forage additive.

Our non servoing Powder Master with non servoing in cab speed controller has been one of our most popular applicators for dry additives for many years.

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Additive applicator pump module - No tank

Pump Module

55 litre ultra low volume additive applicator


Stem/barrel pump applicator kit


Powder or granular additive applicator


SDP high pressure diaphragm pump kit