Silage Additive Applicators

Dflow module for harvesters balers and forage wagons

The Digitally controlled pump module can be fitted to a forage harvester utilising its on board tank or strapped to your own barrel on a forage wagon or baler.

We can also supply a 400 litre tank to be used with the pump module.

The pump module can have pumps fitted with output options (open flow) of: - 0.5 - 5 litres or 1 - 10 litres per minute.

As with all our digitally controlled applicator we have integrated a digital flow sensor to ensure precise dosing of additives.

Selmechs thru-beam crop detectors can be used with the pump module kit to turn the pump on and off automatically


Digital Control

The control box automatically monitors and adjusts the pump to keep it’s output constant, this enables the pump to deliver additive precisely.

Graphic showing selmech digital control box operating options

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