Silage Additive Applicators

Flowmaster Liquid Applicator

The Flowmaster is purpose built for applying various types of liquid preservative additives to all types of crops. Including bacterial inoculants and propionic (propcorn) type acids.

The Flowmaster is designed to fit in a 200 litre barrel, but can also be used in IBCs. and for smaller containers a short reach option can be made to special order.

The Flowmaster is suited to all types of forage harvester self-propelled or trailed, forage wagons and balers.

The basic FlowMaster kit

Variable in cab speed controller

Selmech’s own in cab variable speed controller enables the operator to set the out put of the pump easily and make manual adjustments for varying crop densities.


Often used with the Flowmaster stem pump is a graduated flowmeters

A flowmeter will give a visual indication of liquid flowing through the system highlighting a blockage or drop in pressure in the system. We have Low and High volume options

Open flow outputs are as follows:

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