Silage Additive Applicators

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Selmech are always interested in hearing if you think that one of our products could be adapted to suit your need. We have supplied applicators for other uses other than for applying silage additives. Sometimes these are for one offs and sometimes it is for multiple units.

We have supplied Powdermasters for applying dressing during potatoe planting and for dispensing supplements to poultry feed. Also SDP kits have been used for applying a treatment to straw as it is being chopped.

Total mixed ration (TMR) Applicator

The Selmech liquid TMR applicator delivers the TMR additive via 5 nozzles. With an adjustable pumping rate and automatic stop when empty.

Rooster Booster 12-volt poultry lighting

Powered by 12-volts, the Rooster Booster can be used in hen houses where mains electricity is not available. Connected to a battery, the rooster booster will provide light throughout the winter months, making it viable to keep hens in more remote areas

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Total mixed ration (TMR) Applicator

TMR Applicator

Rooster Booster 12 volt poultry lighting controller and lamps

Rooster Booster