Silage Additive Applicators

Powdermaster granular silage preservative applicator

The Powdermaster granular applicator with a rotor delivery system and fully variable in-cab controls is purpose built for applying powder/granular additives to a range of crops. With a choice of outputs via a single 50mm diameter hose or three 25mm diameter PVC pipes (These are easily inter-changeable using a simple adapter kit).

The Powdermaster is suitable for self propelled and trailed forage harvester, forage wagons, and balers.

The hopper is manufactured from high density plastic to avoid problems associated with condensation and is available in the standard 50kg capacity option or the lager 80kg capacity (typically 2x 20kg bags or 3x 20kg bags respectively).

A set of fillet strips is supplied that can be used to blank off 3 of the six flutes in the feed rotor thus halving the out put if necessary.

Output range:

150g - 2000g per minute depending on density of additive

Other applications

Variable in cab speed controller

Selmech’s own in cab variable speed controller enables the operator to set the out put of the Powdermaster easily and make manual adjustments for varying crop densities.

The basic PowderMaster kit

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