Silage Additive Applicators

Selmech Ultra Low Applicator

Selmech supplies new ultra low additive applicator has been designed with our own innovative flow measurement system that allow for an open flow pump system removing the need for a filter or in-line flow meter.

For use with ultra low inoculant additive the selmech ULV+ applicator provides a trouble free system that is easy to set and use.

Applicator Features

ULV Module

The selmech Ultra Low Volume Applicator can also be supplied as a module without a tank. This then can be used with a foragers own on board tank or other auxiliary tank. It also make for a small compact package for exporting to other countries.

The control box

The digital control box automatically monitors and adjusts the pump to keep it’s output constant, this enables the pump to deliver silage inoculant additive precisely. It has a back-lit display for harvesting at night and has on board memory to record the total litres of silage additive dispensed. The control box can be set in different operating modes to suit all types of forage harvesting equipment and operator preferences.

Digital Control - Simple operation

Other features of the control box

"Pause" function - If your forage harvester has a table sensor you can connect this to turn the applicator pump on and off .

A “Check flow” warning messages are displayed if no flow is detected by the flow sensor

A “limit” message is displayed if you try and set perimeter that can not be achieved by the additive applicator pump.

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