Silage Additive Applicators

Miniflow liquid applicator

The Miniflow liquid applicator is our entry level system for applying preservative inoculant to various crops and is best suited for farmers who apply additives to less than 100 acres of silage a year.

The Miniflow is for additives that have a typical application rates of 1- 2 litre per tonne. It is a submersible pump and can be used for applying various types of liquid bacterial inoculant preservatives.

The Miniflow can be used in most containers, 200 litre barrel or smaller and can also be supplied with a 100 Litre tank.

The miniflow kit is supplied with Selmechs own in cab speed controller.

With an output range open flow of 0.5 - 3 litres per minute the MinFlow is most suited to trailed forage harvesters, and can be small balers but can also be used on self propelled forage harvester and forage wagons for small jobs.

The basic MiniFlow kit

Graduated Flowmeters

Used with the Miniflow applicator a Flowmeter will give a visual indication of liquid flowing through the system highlighting a blockage or drop in pressure in the system. We have Low and High volume options.

In situations where the tank is mounted higher than the application point siphoning can occur! in this case an anti siphoning solenoid valve should be used.

Other applications the MiniFlow has been used for are:

Applying supplements and preservative to Total Mixed Rations (TMR) in feeder wagons, seed dressings and insect repellents to stored grain.

The MiniFlow should NOT be used for propionic (propcorn) type acids.

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