Silage Additive Applicators

Applicators for applying additive rolling or crimping

Crimpmaster Liquid Applicator for Propcorn

The Crimpmaster is a purpose built for the application of additives for Crimping or Propcorn moist grain treatments. There is a range of pumps with out-put options from 0.5 - 15 litres per minute open flow. For manual operation the Crimpmaster is supplied with controlled flowmeters

For more accurate control and recording of the amount of additive applied the 0.5 - 10 litre per minute Dflow Crimpmaster control box automatically monitors and adjusts the pump to keep it’s output constant, this enables the pump to deliver additive precisely.

For non corrosive treatments

The Dflow module with its digitally controlled servoing pump or SDP kit either with a controlled flow meter or non servoing controll box would be suitable options.

Powder/granular applicator

If applying a granular/powder additive our new Dflow Powder Master with servoing digital control box can be easily be set up to use with all brands of additive or our non servoing Powder Master with in manual speed controller.

Select the applicator for you

Dflow Crimpmaster

Stem/barrel pump applicator kit


Additive applicator pump module - No tank

Pump Module

Diaphragm applicator kit with flowmeter


Powder or granular additive applicator