Silage Additive Applicators

Applicators for forage wagons

Some things to consider

The function of a forage wagon is - the grass gets picked up and chopped and then transferred into the wagon in a linear fashion. So there is no mixing action as with a forage harvester.

With that in mind we always recommend a minimum application rate of 2 litre per tonne be applied with at least two jets. (this is just our opinion so please always seek advise from your additive supplier)

Another thing to consider with forage wagons is siphoning. With the tanks typically mounted high up on the front of the wagon you will need an anti-siphoning check valve.

Liquid applicators

A complete tank kit for forage wagons with a 250 tank mounted on its own multi position bracket with digital control box and crop sensor.

This can be supplied with output options (open flow) of 0.5 - 5 litres or 1 - 10 litres per minute.

Kits can be supplied with 250 , 175 or 125, litre tanks and can supplied with or without the crop detectors.

The high volume Dflow module can accurately deliver up to 10 litres per minute. With our servoing digitally controller this can be used with your own tank or we can supply it with a 400 liter slim tank.

Our extra high Volume SDP kit comes with a non servoing in cab speed controller and delivers up to 15 litres per minute. Again the kit is suitable for use with your own tank or our 400 litre tank. Also because the SDP kit has a high pressure diaphragm pump it can be used with anti siphon check valves in the jet bodies

The Flowmaster stem pump is a very popular choice to be used with a 200 litre upright tank. It is robustly made easy to set up and use. Supplied with a non servoing in cab speed controller delivering up to 10 litres per minute.

Powder/granular applicator

With our new Dflow Powder Master powder/granular additive can be dispensed more precisely than ever before. supplied with our servoing digital control box that can be easily be set up to use with all brands of silage or forage additive.

Our non servoing Powder Master with in cab speed controller.

Select the applicator for you

250 litre applicator kit for balers or wagons

Tank Kits

Additive applicator pump module - No tank

Pump Module

Stem/barrel pump applicator kit


Powder or granular additive applicator


Diaphragm applicator kit with flowmeter